LCN Camouflage Gels

LCN Camouflage Gels - Step by Step Instructions

LCN Camouflage - Step by Step Instructions

New Camouflage Gels are available for a coloured optical enhancement of the natural nail bed. They come in three soft nude shades and are therefore perfect for the camouflage technique.

The nail bed regains its soft healthy shade, discolorations can be covered. Select the shade according to the skin colour. Usually this is done following colour typology. There are skin colours which radiate with a bluish rosé, some look good with a shade of beige or apricot. You can decide after consulting your customer. The gels are already used as camouflage colours for modelling.

How it is done:

Step 1 The nail is prepared for modelling and the form is attached. Apply a bonder. Here we use Active Nail Bond 1.

Step 2 After application of the selected bonder, the colour of the Camouflage Gel is selected according to skin colour and the customer’s request (in this case, Camouflage Gel natural beige). Apply a thin layer onto the nail bed and onto the form for the nail extension. Cure the gel in a LCN light unit. If you work with tips, apply the gel onto the entire nail and tip.

Step 3 Model the nail extension with the extension material Sculpture Formatur – Sculpture Formatur naturelle here – and cure it in the light unit. If you would like an even more intensive covering effect you can apply another layer of Camouflage gel only onto the nail bed and cure it in the light unit. You can remove the form after curing. Wipe off the dispersion film with a dry cotton swab. To reduce the amount of filing you can file the nail roughly into shape.

Step 4 Now model the C-curve and the nail shape with Sculpture clear or One Component Resin F clear and cure the layer in the light unit. Remove the dispersion film.

Step 5 File the surface and the nail edges into their final shape. Remove the dust with a dust brush and seal the nail as usual. In the example, we use Glaze Gel clear.

The perfect natural look with LCN Camouflage Gels.

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