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LCN’s extensive line of Colour Gels is extraordinary! With over a 100 colours and counting, LCN has the largest range of professional, permanent gel polish on the market. LCN’s colour gels have exceptional coverage and when used with our high gloss sealant Ultra Shine, you’ll achieve the ultimate high shine experience in permanent nail colour!

To complement our traditional Colour Gels, we also have…

LCN Colour Gel - Glitter a Colour Gel with glitter particles suspended within it. While they are not strong enough for sculpting, they provide an alluring and fabulous look to any nail. Use them in combination with our Miracle Glitter, or complete line of Colour Gels to achieve perfection.

The Colour Gel – Metallic collection captivates the eye with a trendy and chic metallic look. Available in two variants each, with or without glitter effect, the bold colours include a strong Bordeaux red, an extravagant copper and a precious bronze shade. Exquisite during any season, these colours provide an especially striking effect with tanned skin. They are as brilliant and cover as evenly and smoothly as the other Colour Gels offered by LCN.

Colour Gel - Miracle Glitter the special light-cured glitter gels with the two-in-one effect. The colours appear rather discreet on a light base. If Miracle Glitter Colour Gel black is applied and cured under the Colour Gel, the Miracle Glitters appear in new, much stronger colours. Miracle Glitters are a clear gel with glitter suspended within it, and are available in 5 and 10 ml sizes - and also in a set including all Miracle Glitter gels as well as the Colour Gels black and white and Ultra Shine. 

LCN Colour Gel - 3D Design is a solid gel which can be shaped and enable the modeling of exclusive 3D designs. In this way, petals and 3D nail designs are possible with light curing resins. The 22 colours offer a wide variety of shades, and they can be mixed with each other to create every colour imaginable.


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