Ceramic nail polish? Absolutely! LCN professional nail polishes are formulated with a unique patented ceramic nanotechnology that marries natural ingredients with green chemistry to create the most advanced high performance nail polish on the market.

Why ceramics in nail polish? Naturally derived eco-friendly ceramics create increased durability and performance. The unique nanotechnology results in a shiny, hard, scratch and chip resistant surface. The ceramic nanotechnology also ensures LCN’s highly pigmented nail polish covers evenly and completely in two coats with a longer lasting high-shine finish than conventional nail polish.

What makes LCN Nail Polish “green”? LCN Nail Polish is 5-free! Which means it does not contain DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Cetyl Alcohol or Camphor. In addition, our formula is vegan, soy and gluten free. And because LCN Nail Polish is free from toxic solvents, traditional harsh chemical removers are not necessary to remove polish. LCN’s range of acetone-free nail polish removers will effectively remove nail polish without stripping and damaging the natural nail. The incorporation of natural ingredients in LCN Nail Polish along with the use of green chemistry practices in its formulation makes it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers. The performance and durability make it the only choice for the nail stylist who wants an eco-friendly polish that actually performs.



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