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LCN Polish seal offers perfect protection for every nail polish! Polish Seal is a light-curing top coat that can easily double the life of your normal manicure service. Polish Seal provides the nail polish with long-lasting protection and a high-gloss and scratch resistant surface. Suitable for both natural and artificial nails, Polish Seal hardens in just 4-5 minutes in a traditional UV or LED lamp found in a salon or under a minimum 60 watt light bulb! In fact, we like to refer to Polish Seal as “watt-curing” because of that!

Polish Seal is safe for natural nails and is manufactured in Germany, meeting LCN’s stringent biocompatibility guidelines. Polish Seal is free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and paraben. And because you can use a non-acetone polish remover to remover polish seal, you or your clients’ nails are never unnecessarily exposed to acetone. With LCN Polish Seal your nails and cuticles stay healthy and intact!



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