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Mastering Gel Nails I

Perfect Nails at Any Length

Achieve perfect nails at any length using the newest and easiest self-leveling gels on the market. In this intensive 8-hour training you will learn LCN’s 3-step method of creating amazing nails at any length with any strength.

The simple 3-step method of bonding, building and sealing simplifies our products by beginning with one multi-purpose base coat and finishing with a universal sealer. What length or strength you create in between is all up to you once we teach you our easy application system.

Our hands-on training includes:

  • Proper prep of the natural nail
  • Application of forms and tips
  • Sculpting natural nail enhancements
  • Sculpting extreme stilettos
  • Natural nail overlays (Black Diamond Manicures)
  • French and reverse French applications
  • Proper filing and shaping
  • Refills and maintenance
  • Color Options (polish, gel polish and colour gels)

You will leave this 8 hour training certified to begin your career in gel nails and a step ahead of your competition.

Class Fee $149 (includes kit) 8 hour certification*
Class kit includes: Basecoat, 5ml; COSMIQ One Component Resin F, 5ml; Bondique Black Diamond, 5ml; Sculpture Mystique, 5ml; Glaze Gel, 5ml.


*Certification contingent upon fulfillment of all course requirements: on-time arrival and departure; demonstrate proficiency in techniques; LCN Trainer approval.

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