Nail Art - Nail Polish

Step 1:
Apply three triangles of the same size onto the nail with the Underwater Love colours carribean sea (Art. No. 43179-276), lilac coral (Art. No. 43179-C2) and underwater love (Art. No. 43179-204) after modelling.

Step 2:
Paint white dots along the single triangles with a white Nail Art Pen (Art. No. 45000-NA 7)

Step 3:
Now draw the colours of the three triangles into each other. For best results use a fine Nail Art brush or the tip of a rosewood stick (Art. No. 30046) and draw fine figure-eight loops. Thus you make sure of including all colours to create this fine pattern.

Step 4:
Finally you may adorn your Nail Art design with more white dots, rhinestones  and glitter. Seal your nail with an LCN Top Coat of your choice for even more shine and durability.

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