Ultima Acrylics

LCN Ultima Acrylics

Full Set French Nails

Prep the natural nail - remove the shine, dust & clean with Cleaner.


Apply Forms or Tips, blending evenly.


Apply thin layer of Primer or Bond to the natural nail.

Let air dry.


Dip brush into the Ultima Acrylics Liquid. Make sure the brush is not too wet or too dry. It should have enough liquid to form a wet ball when dipped into the powder.

Dip the wet brush into the Extra White Powder or Natural White Powder and create a moist ball. Apply to the free edge to create the french white tip.


Dip the brush into the Ultima Acrylics Liquid and then into the Soft Pink Powder.

Apply the ball to the center of the nail to form the apex of the nail.

Apply a second ball to the cuticle area. Be careful not to get the product on the cuticle, as this will cause lifting.


Let dry. Note: if product is too moist, it will take slightly longer to dry.


File the nail into shape and buff to a high shine with a High Shine Block. Optionally, you can apply Sealant or Ultra Shine as a gel top coat. These products would need to be cured in the UV light unit for 2 minutes. Then wipe the dispersion film with a Purzellin Swab and a few drops of Cleaner.


Apply Nail Oil to finish.

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